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We try to be online again! Unfortunately that takes some patien from you.
For us: We have some "werk aan de winkel".
We will keep you posted.


- by Marieke







"Welcome to my portfolio in which I present my previous work, made during my study time.

You will find projects of my bachelor in Architecture and master Industrial Design and some extra curricular work.

I present this portfolio in order to show that I am majored in in both designing spaces and products. I apply the human centered design approach while using different research techniques.

For the future I would like to specialize in experience design of environments or strategic design. This by continuously have the user involved.

In app my projects I go out in the field to gather input for my designs by talking to users and other stakeholders. I try to consume as much knowledge by talking and interacting with the users and stakeholders in the context of value."


-by Marieke